The MEEP consortium publication titled "Coyote: An Open-Source Simulation Tool to Enable RISC-V in HPC" will be presented and published in the conference proceedings at the Design, Automation, and Test in Europe Conference (DATE) 2021.

The paper explores how the MareNostrum Experimental Exascale Platform (MEEP) will address the new era of a completely open ecosystem, from applications to chips and everything in between. It proposes a flexible FPGA-based emulation platform, designed to explore hardware-software co-designs for future RISC-V supercomputers.

Early development stages for such an architecture require fast, scalable, and easy to modify simulation tools, with the right granularity and fidelity, enabling rapid design space exploration. For this purpose, MEEP has developed Coyote, which is a new open source, execution-driven simulator based on the open source RISC-V ISA and which can provide detailed results at various levels and granularities. It focuses on data movement and the modelling of the memory hierarchy of the system, which is one of the main hurdles for high performance sparse workloads, while omitting lower level details.

Finally, the paper and event provide an opportunity to study part of MEEP's technology and how its performance evaluation shows that Coyote achieves an aggregate simulation of up to 5 MIPS when modelling up to 128 cores.

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