The vision

MEEP creates a state-of-the-art emulation and software development platform for exascale systems based on European technology, supporting the development of new and reusable IP targeting FPGAs and eventually, ASICs. The novelty of the accelerator is a so-called self-hosting accelerator, meaning the entire application resides in the memory of the accelerator, and the entire execution of the application happens on the accelerator.
MEEP is of size and scale that goes far beyond normal academic or industrial prototyping platforms, enabling chips and system emulation. It is of sufficient scale to emulate a meaningful fraction of the HPC environment.


Become a performance evaluation and software development vehicle for future silicon chip designs.
To be a testbed for other accelerators ranging from tightly to loosely coupled systems.
Leverage and extend projects like EPI and the POP2 CoE
Improve the RISC-V software ecosystem with an improved and extended software tool chain and suite of HPC applications.
Deliver a series of Open-Source IPs for academics, traditional and emerging HPC applications.

Project Description

Project Name The MareNostrum Experimental Exascale Platform
Acronym MEEP
Funding Scheme RIA - Research and Innovation Action
Grant Agreement ID 946002
Project Coordinator Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
Start Date 1 January 2020
End Date 30 June 2023
Number of Partners 3
Overall Budget €10.3 million
EU Contribution €5.15 million