Discover the public deliverables of the MEEP project:
D1.1 Project Management and Quality Guidelines Download
D1.2 Data Management Plan (DMP) Download
D2.1 Dissemination and communication plan Download
D2.2 Dissemination and communication report
D2.3 Final Communication and Dissemination Report Download
D3.1 Exploitation strategy Download
D3.3 Final exploitation plan
D4.2 FPGA RTL revision 1 Download
D4.3 FPGA RTL final release
D5.1 Benchmark suite of HPC applications Download
D5.2 Linux with Initial Host Interface release, based on the requirements document Download
D5.3 Applications ported Download
D5.4 Final release of the software stacked
D6.1 Emulation platform specification Download
D6.3 Emulated accelerator second release with full capability of inter-accelerator communication Download
D6.4 Full Emulation prototype release Download
D6.5 First AIT release Download