Fiuggi, Italy
Final Date

Elias Perdomo will be attending the 19th International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-performance Embedded Systems, where they will present a poster summarizing their work on the MEEP project. The event is scheduled from July 9 to 15 in Fiuggi, Italy.

About the event

Computer performance has increased by over 1,000-fold in the past three decades. This astonishing growth has fueled major innovations across all aspects of society. New advances in drug discovery and diagnosis, product design and manufacturing, transportation and energy, scientific and environmental modelling, social networking and entertainment, and financial analysis depend on continued computer system performance increases. Computing systems are so fundamental to today’s society that they represent a basic resource and form a strategic foundation for many of our most powerful and versatile tools and developments. Maintaining rapid growth in computing performance is key for tackling the societal challenges shaping Europe and assuring our global competitiveness in the future.