Hamburg, Germany
Final Date

The MEEP project is at ISC 2023 in Hamburg, Germany, participating in the co-located event titled "First International Workshop on RISC-V for HPC". The event occurs on May 25 in the afternoon in Hall Y8 - 2nd Floor of the Congress Center Hamburg.

  • At 3:40 pm, Aaron Call and Gonzalo Gomes present the talk on "Challenges and Opportunities for RISC-V Architectures Towards Genomics-based Workloads."

About the workshop

This half-day afternoon workshop, held on Thursday, May 25, 2023, in Hamburg, Germany, at Hall Y8 - 2nd Floor of the Congress Center Hamburg, will be co-located with ISC 2023. The workshop's main objective is to foster the community of RISC-V in HPC by sharing the advantages of this technology with domain scientists, tool developers, and supercomputer operators. RISC-V has numerous potential benefits for HPC, and as the technology continues to grow significantly, it is highly likely to become more relevant and widespread for HPC workloads. The workshop's focus is to bring together those already working towards popularizing RISC-V in the field of HPC with the wider supercomputing community. By sharing the advantages, success stories, and techniques of the architecture, we hope to increase community involvement and further promote this exciting technology.