Final Date

The MEEP project is at the RISC-V Summit Europe scheduled from Monday, June 5th, to Friday, June 9th, on Barcelona, Spain.

The conference aims to facilitate the success of RISC-V in Europe by fostering collaboration between robust industrial and academic communities. To this end, the event has been structured to enable attendees to delve into various commercial and research applications. Spain.

Come together with MEEP collaborators in the upcoming sessions:

About the event

The RISC-V Summit Europe serves as the foremost gathering, connecting influential stakeholders in Europe, including industry leaders, government representatives, researchers, academics, and ecosystem supporters who are actively shaping the future of innovation in RISC-V.

RISC-V, an open standard instruction set architecture (ISA), has become a catalyst for groundbreaking applications and research that will shape the future of computing in Europe. Europe has played a pivotal role in RISC-V's global achievements, with a significant one-third of the RISC-V community based within the region.

Scheduled from Monday, June 5th, to Friday, June 9th, the RISC-V Summit Europe underscores the critical importance of cohesive industrial and academic communities in driving RISC-V's success in Europe. The conference has been meticulously designed to empower attendees to explore both commercial and research applications within the field.