MEEP (The MareNostrum Experimental Exascale Platform) was part of a session at DATE 2021 titled 'Emerging trends in the HPC industry landscape' that provided a platform to novel players to discuss the ever-changing hardware HPC landscape, its challenges, and emerging trends (RISC-V ecosystem and tools for enabling its use). 

MEEP addressed the need for flexible tools that can take society to the Exascale and beyond due to the demand to enter a new era of an open ecosystem, from applications to chips and everything in between. More specifically, MEEP is proposing a flexible FPGA-based emulation platform, designed to explore hardware-software co-designs for future RISC-V supercomputers. This platform is part of an open ecosystem, allowing its infrastructure to be reused in other projects. MEEP’s inaugural emulated system will be a RISC-V based self-hosted HPC vector and systolic array accelerator, with a special aim at efficient data movement. 

To learn more about the event, visit: Coyote: Open Source Simulation Tool to Enable RISC-V in HPC.

About DATE 2021

The 25th DATE conference and exhibition is the main European event bringing together designers and design automation users, researchers, and vendors as well as specialists in hardware and software design, test, and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems. DATE puts a strong emphasis on both technology and systems, covering ICs/SoCs, emerging technologies, embedded systems, and embedded software.

Photo by Priss Enri on Unsplash.