The article titled "Building the Future Using All Open Source Software and Hardware" featured in the HiPEAC info 62 magazine explores MEEP's technology and capabilities as a new digital laboratory for exploring new system concepts. The project is working towards creating a full-stack ecosystem that can be a foundation for many European systems.

MEEP's platform ecosystem will provide a glimpse into the future of hardware and software. More specifically, its technology can be used to build specialized systems that can tackle the problems of today and tomorrow. For instance, with COVID-19 or other future pandemics, it could explore new systems to be built for drug or vaccine discovery, and personalized medicine. MEEP will create a sketch of the future, thus providing a glimpse of what can be built or how to improve systems for greater HPC capabilities.

Finally, the article delved into a new open-source, execution-driven simulation tool, based on the canonical RISC-V ISA called Coyote, created in Europe by MEEP.

MEEP project is strengthening and creating competitive European technology integrated into future exascale supercomputers, among the actions taken, it will use and extend OmpSs@FPGA to develop an FPGA-based emulation platform based on European-developed IP.

About HiPEAC Info magazine

The HiPEAC Info magazine is a quarterly publication providing the latest news on the activities within the European HiPEAC network, as well as activities on high-performance embedded architectures and compilers at large. The magazine is sent to more than 500 researchers from academia and industry, and company managers in Europe, America, and Asia.

MEEP was featured in HiPEAC info 62 magazine on page 30-31 in January 2021