Blogs are an excellent opportunity to drive thought leadership, awareness, and credibility, and it is important to highlight that each year blogs receive more than 200,000 page views on average. They also offer a prospect for stakeholders to exchange direct opinions and/or provide feedback. 

The MEEP blog titled "MEEP: A Digital Laboratory to Create the Future Open HPC Ecosystem" was published on the Embedded Computing Design guest blog platform on 10 June 2020. It offers a walkthrough on how BSC is building the various software and hardware components to enable an open-source software and hardware HPC ecosystem and how MEEP will combine three main components to accomplish it: software, architecture and RTL, and hardware components to form a complete system emulation platform. Subsequently, the article focuses on the project's aim to provide a unique opportunity to enable system-scale software development of new hardware and its associated hardware. 

Read "MEEP: A Digital Laboratory to Create the Future Open HPC Ecosystem" guest blog here



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