#EmbraceEquity MEEP


MEEP joins the International Women's Day celebration because "equity is guaranteeing to everyone same rights, and obligations. Equity is valuing everyone as a human being. Equity is ensuring that everyone is evaluated by his/her skills, attitudes and aptitudes and nothing else." In words of Teresa Cervero, Leading Research Engineering, "science is an ally for embracing equity. It is a perfect vehicle for making visible the need of revisiting procedures, methodologies, and mechanisms, since there are unconscious bias that go against equity.

In this line, Blanca Sabater asserts that "Equality means providing the same to all, regardless of the fact that some will come into the world to be inherently more privileged than others". Nevertheless, the word Equity means different for each one. Sabater express that she "now make a conscious effort to analyze situations and get to know people from different social backgrounds, cultures, gender identities, divergences...". This fact enables her to understand "the need to promote equity".

A huge work to do

All MEEP researchers agree that the actual situation is not enough, and it requires more effort to expand and promote equality. For Teresa Cervero, the direction to do more "is many times led by the current social context. That means to be flexible and open to (re) adapt processes, etc from time to time.

Furthermore, Blanca Sabater, feels like not only she "has to learn for herself, but also work as ambassador for gender".