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On November 16th, in Vienna, Austria happened, the "Women in Tech Carnival" was organised by Huawei during the 14th Global Peter Drucker Forum. The event serves to promote gender equality and works to promote women's participation in the ICT industry and digital economy.

Our researcher engineer in the MEEP project, from Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Teresa Cervero, opened the event with Ada Yonath and Arantza Martinez, remarking on the importance of women at the forefront of the tech revolution.

Teresa is a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering. Her work focuses on designing and developing accelerators and infrastructure for future supercomputers.

“My work is designing and developing technology for future machines to solve problems like where the universe was created,” says Teresa.

Teresa highlight, “all of us are in the tech revolution because we all are technology users all the time. Technology helps us and society to evolve from old civilisations to nowadays. Digital technologies are all the procedures and tools we use to apply scientific knowledge and make things work efficiently.”

"We are always using technology, even if we are unaware of that."

Here's a full recap of the exciting event showcasing how outstanding female talent in different fields creates, uses, and shapes technologies!

Teresa video


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